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About Us.

ACI’s Vision

Improve the Nation’s savings rate one plan at a time by challenging ourselves and others to think and act differently.

ACI’s Mission

To provide quality to our clients by solving the right issues in the time and cost expected and agreed upon.

What Makes Us Different


Respected Industry Experts
We are nationally known for our expertise and for giving back to our industry. Our administrators have an average of over 15 years in the industry. Our actuaries, consultants, plan administrators and support staff are focused on continuous education and process improvement.

We have actuaries on-site. Many firms outsource their actuarial work for a fee. Our expert actuaries have an average of over 10 years of experience and are always focused on continuous education and process improvement.

Simple to Complex Plans
Every plan sponsor deserves great administration, no matter how simple, or complex their business or plan. We provide great administration at all levels of complexity.
Revenue Sharing
We think a dollar is a dollar, and if we get it from your recordkeeper we don’t want it from you too. For every plan where we receive indirect compensation we credit 80% to 100% back to you.


The most important thing to remember is that we are consultants and we are here for you.

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