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March Edition

  • Fiduciary Rule Redefines Retirement Industry
    • The DOL is expected to release an updated rule which they have termed the “Conflict of Interest Rule” within the next 60 days. This rule will redefine who is considered an investment advice fiduciary, bringing more retirement plan advisors under the authority of the DOL, and will also expand the current qualified plan fiduciary rules to cover IRA’s, which is not previously the case.


November Edition

  • Our Government At Work
    • Two main issues to focus on.
      • Issue #1 – The concern is that expenses of the plan, such as, management fees, administrative fees, etc. may be disingenuous to the participants and should be monitored.
      • Issue #2 – Fiduciaries are responsible for continuously monitoring plan investments, and statutory period does not expire 6 years after an investment decision has been made.
    • What You Need To Do
      • While Issue #2 is very important and noteworthy, Issue #1 is the issue that will affect most of you.
    • Retirement Plan Basics on December 9th.

July Edition

  • Guest Article from Mark T. Hiraide, Petillon Hiraide LLP, – Protecting Individual Retirement Investment Accounts: Why So Much Controversy?
    • Mark T. Hiraide is a Los Angeles-based corporate and securities lawyer who counsels business clients on all aspects of raising capital from investors while avoiding liability.
    • Retirement Plan Basics on August 27th.
    • Creative Plan Design October 28th.

April Edition

  • Here’s why the 401(k) plan is the best saving tool:
    • Pre-tax contributions
    • 401(k) plans can monitored their investments
    • Record-keeping platforms offer saving tools and educational programs
  • Four ways to increase 401(k) participation:
    • Decision maker boost
    • Provide one-on-one education and guidance
    • Offer a match making contribution
    • Add a automatic contribution arrangement
  • Creative Plan Design Training on April 21

January Edition

  • A Look Back at 2014 and Things to Listen for During Tonight’s State of the Union Address
  • Did You Know?
    • Vesting Notification Requirements
    • Summary Plan Description
  • The Beauty of Automatic Contribution Arrangements
  • Retirement Plan Basics Training on Feb 11
  • Creative Plan Design Training on Apr 21


September Edition

  • The Past, the present, and the future of the Private Pension System
  • Late Breaking News for Plan Sponsors with Defined Benefit Plans – Minimum Funding Changes are Here
  • Final Cash Balance Regulations Announced
  • Pat Byrnes’ FSPA designation
  • Upcoming Trainings

July Edition

  • What the Government Will Do Next…
  • Retirement Plan Restatement Reminder
  • Pilot Relief Program for late EZ Filers
  • Upcoming Trainings

March Edition

  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Is Washington Shifting its Focus from Health Care to Retirement Plans?
  • Internal Controls- What you Need to Know
  • Minimize Your Risk with a Fiduciary File


December Edition

  • What Lies Ahead for Retirement Plans
  • Plan Document Restatement Announcement
  • Best Practices and Their Impact on Enterprise Value
  • Roth Conversion Guidance Release

July Edition

  • What is the Purpose of Your Retirement Plan?
  • Health Care Reform: What Do Employers Really Need to Know and Do?
  • “Blank Slate” Tax Reform is Not a Plan, it is Free for All
  • Repeal of DOMA and the Impact it will Have on Qualified Plans
  • ACI’s Justin Bonestroo Influencing the Industry
  • Why Advisors Need to Know NAPA
  • Advisors Adding Value Seminar Recap

March Edition

  • Summary of IRS Internal Controls Project for 401(k) Plans
  • Business Succession Planning: What is the Right Exit Strategy for You?
  • What Government Might do to Retirement Plans
  • Regulatory/Legislative Updates


July Edition 

  • What Does Reasonableness Mean in the Context of ERISA § 408(b)(2)
  • ERISA 404(c)- An Easy Decision
  • Recent DOL Advice Regarding Certain Multiple Employer Plans
  • Regulatory and Legislative Updates
  • ACI in the News

March Edition

  • Run to, Not From, Your Fiduciary Duties
  • Why are the New Disclosure Rules Under ERISA Sec. 408(b)(2) so Important?
  • ACI offers New Fiduciary Solutions
  • Effectively Recognizing and Managing Costs in the New World of Employee Benefits
  • The 2012 LA Benefits Conference Recap
  • ACI in the News


November Edition

  • Discussion Topics for Board Meetings
  • Why are the New Disclosure Rules Under ERISA Sec. 408(b)(2) so Important?
  • Participant Level Fee Disclosures
  • Retirement Plan Limits for 2012 Announced
  • You Still Have Time to Add a Qualified Plan for 2011
  • ACI in the News

April Edition 

  • What Lies Ahead for Retirement Plans?
  • There is a Glitch in Almost Everything
  • What Businesses Can Learn from Doctors
  • Hot Topics in Human Resources- By the Numbers
  • EFAST2 Filing Frequently Asked Questions
  • Compliance Timeline for 2010 Annual Administration
  • ACI in the News


October Edition

  • Are You Responsible Plan Fiduciary or a Covered Service Provider?
  • How 3(38) Fiduciaries “Trim Away the Fat”
  • To Roth In- Plan Convert in 2010- Or Not
  • Our ACI Brand in Motion
  • Acquisitions
  • Safe Harbor
  • Improved Client Portal
  • EFAST2
  • ACI in the News

May Edition 

  • 24, the Non-fiction Version
  • The Migrating Status of Fiduciary Care
  • Employee Benefit Plan Financial Statement Audits
  • Change to EFAST2 E-Signature
  • IRS Questionnaire
  • EGTRRA Cycle for DB Plans
  • Early Views on the Business Impact of Health Reform
  • What Happens in Vegas…The 2010 NIPA Forum & Expo
  • ACI in the News

February Edition 

  • What’s it All About, Ruby
  • ACI Attends the 2010 LDE Nondiscrimination Testing Symposium
  • Employee Benefit Plan Financial Statement Audits
  • What You Should Know About Your Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans in this Economy
  • ACI in the News

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